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Manage your property over the holiday season

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Whether you are taking a break to spend time with family or simply anticipating less desk-time than normal while you enjoy some festivities, Pulse can help you keep up with everything you need to know while on-the-go during the holidays

The next few weeks are likely to be busy for many partners around the world with guests arriving from all corners to celebrate the holiday season. In December 2018, 4.5 million more nights were spent in tourist accommodation across the EU than the year prior and this year Airlines for America has estimated around 47.5 million travellers will fly globally on US airlines between 19 December and 5 January. Even for those not celebrating Christmas, it can be a popular time for winter sun-seekers.

However, it can also be a busy time for partners outside of work with festivities and family gatherings themselves. One way you can keep on top of operations while being able to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation is through Pulse,’s mobile property management app. Here’s how…

Manage the important tasks

Whether it’s selecting your notifications to ensure you never miss an update on reservations or being able to act on those messages to access new bookings, guest information or block no-shows, Pulse enables on-the-go property management at your convenience. If you manage multiple properties you can also access all this information across your portfolio on the one app.

Update your availability

Whether you have some changes to expected bookings or simply have more flexibility with your inventory than initially thought, never miss out on an opportunity to secure a reservation by using Pulse to keep on top of your availability while out-of-office. It can also help if your plans change and you need to block out particular dates, avoiding any potential for disappointing a prospective guest by having to cancel their booking.

Keep in touch

With many guests travelling over the holidays with friends and family, a lot can ride on making that pre-arrival experience as smooth as possible. A multitude of questions could be coming your way - and not always during the convenience of desk-time. By setting up messaging preferences including quick reply templates and automatic replies and being able to access translated messages on Pulse, you can establish a great guest communication experience wherever, whenever. Responding to guests in a prompt and timely manner not only helps develop a good relationship but has been proven to have a direct impact on lowering cancellation rates and encouraging higher review scores. Plus a speedy reply to availability and reservation enquiries could actually help you secure more bookings.

Manage finances

A new feature on Pulse, partners can now view the credit card details of guests via the app and have the ability to mark any that are invalid as such. Not only will this help guests who perhaps just used the wrong card and need to provide an alternative, but it also helps you free up availability if the booking doesn’t look like it will transpire.

Guest insights

Our recently launched Guest Insights tool is now available on Pulse, helping you get the inside track on a guests likes and dislikes, preferences and needs well before they arrive to check in. Use this knowledge to tailor their experience and also advise your team if any special preparations, such as dietary or allergy requirements, need to be planned for while you are away from the property.


Manage your property on-the-go

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  • Pulse -'s property management app - is available on Android and iOS
  • In the app, partners can view and update their rates and availability to take maximum advantage of guest demand and last-minute changes
  • They can also reply to guest questions and get insights on imminent arrivals
  • New for this year, partners can now view guest credit card details in the app