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Spend or save: interior design tips

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Whether you are opening a new property or going through a refurbishment, kitting your accommodation out can be a big investment. We turned to the Booking.com Partner Community to see where our partners spent and saved

First impressions matter, so it’s little wonder that the interior design of your property is such an important focus area.

Beautiful pictures of your property are essential in capturing a potential customer’s gaze while they browse the options online, and on check-in your interior should give that ‘wow factor’ from the moment of arrival.

Interior design an integral part of your guests’ experience, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands - it’s all about balance. Do you see the value in the likes of premium bedding, luxury toiletries and designer furniture, or what are the clever hacks you have that deliver quality on a shoestring? Here's what hosts on the Partner Community suggested:


“Nothing beats a clean and upgraded bathroom” Pristine facilities are a must and this is especially true when it comes to the bathroom. For many partners, investing in this area is a given, particularly the bathroom suite. Creating a spa-like ambience adds a further luxurious touch - think fluffy white towels, candles and nice toiletries.

“When designing my rooms I ensured guests had a pocket sprung mattress with a memory topper incorporated into it, as well as Egyptian cotton bedding” We all know the benefit of a good night’s sleep, so it’s no surprise that bedding - from quality mattresses to beautiful linen - was a popular choice for setting aside more budget.

“If a property has enough space to facilitate a games room or area, I'd recommend providing that for guests” While exploring the local area might be the priority for many guests, adding features that help your visitors enjoy the property itself can be well worth it. From pool tables to ping pong, consider fun games that are crowd-pleasers for all generations.

“Fast internet speed” With free WiFi being a much sought after facility, it pays to spend a little more investing in a good connection - for you and your guests!


“Finishing touches like jams at brekkie [breakfast], soaps in the bathrooms” Sourcing from nearby artisans or producing homemade treats can be a good way to impress guests with a unique, personal touch that needn’t cost the earth.

“Not many things are needed, plan to unclutter” While individual items of furniture are worth investing in, you can be selective and opt for a more minimal appearance that reduces the need for a big shopping list. Less is more!

“Fragrant flowers from my garden radiate happiness and are a must in my studio” Making use of your natural surroundings is not only a good budgeting tip, but a lovely way to distinguish your property. From flowers to fresh herbs, green fingered partners can add these simple extras at minimum cost and maximum impact.

“Cleanliness is something that can impress people irregardless how expensive the place is” Even the most simple of interiors can look premium when well cared for. Paying attention to detail and taking a little extra time to make everything spotless will make your property gleam.


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For more tips on getting your property ready for guests head to Partner Help.

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