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Whether you run a vast resort or a handful of apartments, the importance of guest experience is a single truth for all partners. We check out some of the tips shared in the Community

Great guest experience in hospitality is key to the success of every travel business. From a seamless arrival and check-in to simple creative ideas that will wow a guest, the importance of the customer’s experience throughout every stage of their stay should be a priority for every partner. Get it right and you’ll reap the rewards, from impressive reviews to repeat visitors. We delved into the Community archives to bring you some great guest experience examples from fellow partners around the globe.

Warm welcomes

“We pay attention to the details. For example, we learned that one of our guests really enjoys our homemade chocolate chip and pecan cookies. When he came to stay with us, one of the staff members made some fresh cookies for him and put them in his room with a note. We have twin sisters who stay every year … our boss learned what their favourite wine is and will have it set up in their room. We focus really hard on building relationships with our guests. They are the reason we are in business, and adding small things for them shows how much we appreciate them.” - Lindsey Gillum, Gruene River Hotel & Retreat, Texas

“Have the right staff in at the right time - pay them well and look after them. Preparation is key, check supplies in advance and take extra stress away by having stock and supplies ready and in.” - Barbara Godfrey, Captain’s Quarters, England

“It doesn't matter how busy and hectic we get, we always make time to offer our arriving guests a hot beverage with homemade cakes. A smile doesn't cost a thing and five minutes of your time to greet and chat benefits greatly.” - Carys Roberts, Yr Hen Felin - The Old Mill B&B, Wales

Added extras

“[To help guests plan their stay,] we call it a Google Interactive Map. Basically, it’s a pin map of where we live, it shows us and all the things around. Guests can zoom in and out, add or delete pins and information and get driving directions just by clicking and printing or downloading to your phone. We also have a GPS that this map is on and we lend this to guests without a smartphone or a GPS so that they know where things are and can always find their way back to us. We find this is a really good asset, its so simple to create. The maintenance of it takes time as places close and new ones open, but that’s just part of the experience. - Neil Scott, Sitges Villa Apartment, Spain

"We are a small villa with just four units but the guests enjoy the quiet and natural atmosphere in the middle of the jungle. [However,] we offer motorbike or car rental at a reasonable price if they would like to have a look around the village, take a temple tour, visit a traditional market with authentic local foods or see the local people doing hand weaving or traditional arak processing." - I Gusti Ngurah Awan, Astana Swaha Villa, Bali

“Even if the guest comes from Mongolia, it does not matter, we greet them in their language. We learn those few basic words to show them respect. We always ask ourselves "what will make the guest say ‘I can't believe they did that’"; this is our spark for new and creative approaches" - Grega Čufer, Vila Alpina, Slovenia

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  • Get to know your guests. Learning the likes and dislikes of regulars can help you add personal touches each time they visit
  • Support your staff to deliver a consistent experience, providing them with the resources and making sure you have a good team on board
  • Use technology such as a bespoke interactive map to simplify a guest’s stay, providing them with the tools and knowledge to seek out interesting experiences
  • Consider your location. If your property is remote, offering free transport options to help the guest explore the local area
  • Wow guests with a personal welcome, whether it’s greeting them in their native language or offering homemade treats on arrival