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Travel trends: 2022 trip plans for Asian travelers

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Our survey results reveal the types of trips the Asian market is looking to book in the year ahead

From must-visit recommendations to long-overdue reunions, there are countless reasons why we book trips. But what are the strongest motivators for travelers in Asia?

As part of our Travel Trends 2022 survey, we asked 14,132 bookers across India, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and Israel about the travel plans they have on the horizon for 2022. Here’s what they had to say.

Camping on the agenda

While weekend breaks are the most popular type of trip among travelers in Asia (39%), followed by beach vacations (37%) and city trips (35%), respondents in this market will also be spending time camping in 2022. 

The appetite for camping is higher in Asia than any other region globally, with 23% of those surveyed planning to pitch up a tent. Except for Singapore—where travelers expressed a preference for urban exploration—camping proved popular across the board, particularly with those from South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Trip Types - Asia


Since the majority of bookers in Asia also plan to travel as a group, either with their children (44%), friends (29%), or extended family (25%), updating your listing on the Extranet with features you offer catering to multiple guests, whether they be group facilities or multiple bed options, could boost bookings. 

Business travel is back 

Of those surveyed, almost half (48%) are planning to travel domestically for work in 2022, particularly respondents in Vietnam, China, and India. International travel is also in the cards, most noticeably for those in India and Singapore. 

Do you offer desks in your rooms, dedicated workspaces, and fast Wi-Fi? Perhaps your accommodation offers meeting rooms or is within easy reach of a conference facility. Let potential bookers know how you’re geared up to support their working trip. 

Business travel - Asia


But it’s not all work and no play for travelers in this market. Over two-thirds (74%) plan to enhance their business trips by seeing the sights, and 67% would like to extend their trips by adding extra time for leisure.

Social media has swaying power

Standing out from the crowd is a key decision-maker for travelers in this market, with 57% saying they plan to pick a destination based on the unique accommodations offered, while 47% want to stay somewhere that looks good on social media. 

Instagrammable properties are a hit with travelers in China, Thailand, and Vietnam in particular, so let visitors know what to expect from your property by making sure your photos show it in the best light. 

Decision makers


While social media might not be the most important destination decision-maker, it’s still an influential consideration. Exactly half of those surveyed say they would be likely to travel to a destination after seeing it on a celebrity or influencer’s social channels, while 54% would visit a destination made popular by a viral trend. Setting up a social media account for your property could therefore create a buzz and attract these bookers.


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  • We surveyed 14,132 travelers from Asia to uncover their future trip plans
  • Camping trips are more popular with travelers in Asia than in any other region, with 23% planning to take one this year
  • 44% of respondents are likely to travel with their children and 29% with friends
  • Domestic business trips are on the horizon for 48% of respondents, with 19% planning on traveling internationally for work