Travel trends: 2022 trip plans for European travelers

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The results of our travel trends survey are in – discover what European travelers are looking for from their next trip

The arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere means thoughts are turning to vacation plans. But which destinations are travelers in Europe planning to check off their lists in the coming months?

As part of our Travel Trends 2022 survey, we asked 18,793 bookers from Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, and Russia about the types of trips they’re planning this year. Here, we reveal their top travel motivators. 

Shorter trips have big appeal

When it comes to the type of vacation that travelers in Europe are planning, all nationalities surveyed were united in their preference for a beach trip, with 44% of respondents saying they’re likely to take one this year.

Weekend escapes are also popular with the European crowd—especially those from the Netherlands, Belgium, and France—as are city breaks, which are on the agenda for 32% of all respondents. 

Trip types


Since these trips are on the shorter side, help your guests get the most out of their stays by sharing insider knowledge on the local surroundings. Being in the know is a key decision-maker for picking a destination. In fact, 59% of those surveyed—in particular, those in Denmark, the UK, Sweden, and Switzerland—say they’re likely to research activities and attractions to inform their choice. 

Time is of the essence – if there’s anything you can do to make your guests’ stays get off to a successful start, let them know. For example, do you offer airport transfers? Update your services—and any ways you can help guests save time—on the Extranet

Accommodation preferences

While over half of those questioned (57%) across the region said they’re most likely to stay in a hotel, apartments were the second most popular choice – particularly with travelers in Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Sweden. In comparison, only 18% of Brits were inclined to choose an apartment, with 62% preferring a hotel. 

Villas and vacation homes are other strong contenders, particularly with those in France, where 40% said they plan to travel as a family in 2022. Italian travelers, however, favor a bed and breakfast, with 40% indicating they’d like to stay in one this year.

Accommodation preferences


To address your guests’ varying needs, put yourself in their shoes. Alternative accommodation bookers are likely to want info on available amenities and check-in, whereas hotel guests will want to know about your shared facilities. Indicating what’s available at your property can provide them with this info at a glance. 

First impressions count

Past experiences really influence future travel plans for bookers in Europe. In fact, 53% agree that they’d go back to an accommodation they enjoyed. This was particularly true of bookers from Germany, Croatia, and Switzerland. 

Accommodation decision makers - Europe


With European travelers less inclined to be swayed by social media alone—only 15% plan to stay somewhere that’s considered Instagrammable—a certain aesthetic won’t necessarily win guests over. But attention to detail, thoughtful touches, and great service can. If you’re looking for more pointers on how to enhance the arrival experience for your guests, check out our top tips.


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  • We surveyed 18,793 European travelers to uncover their future trip plans
  • 44% of respondents said they're likely to take a beach break in 2022
  • 38% plan to take a weekend trip, especially those from the Netherlands, Belgium, and France
  • 27% of respondents across Europe want to stay in an apartment, particularly those from Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Sweden
  • 53% agree they’d return to an accommodation they enjoyed previously