Travel trends: 2022 trip plans for Latin American travelers

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Find out what—and where—Latin American travelers are setting their sights on this year

From craving high-octane adventures to creating shared memories with those closest to us, there are countless reasons for taking a trip. 

Pinpointing what motivates people across the globe to pack their suitcases can help you market your property more effectively. That’s why we asked 48,413 people in 31 markets about their future travel plans. Here’s what bookers in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile revealed.

Hitting the beach is a top priority

Travelers all across Latin America—and especially those in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia—want to feel the sand between their toes this year. In fact, over half of all respondents (52%) preferred a beach vacation. 

Other popular trips included weekend breaks (41%) and visiting friends and family (32%). Road trips are also in the cards—most noticeably in Chile—with 31% of respondents likely to take one in 2022.

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Whatever the trip in question, take the hassle out of the pre-planning by letting guests know about the attractions at your doorstep. Point them in the direction of that secluded cove within walking distance or suggest itineraries for the best ways to spend 48 hours in the area. 

Getting around is also key, especially for those arriving by car, so tell guests if you offer free parking or electric vehicle charging stations. Non-driving guests will likely appreciate info on airport shuttles and car rentals, which you can add on the Extranet

Combining business with pleasure

While Latin American bookers want to hit the beach, they’re also combining it with business on the side. Of those surveyed, 72% said they plan to enhance a business trip by seeing the sights, while 68% will extend these trips to add time for leisure – so let them know what’s available. 

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Having the lowdown on activities and attractions (75%) as well as on food and nightlife (58%), is actually a common motivator across the board when choosing a particular destination, while 69% are looking for a location that’s good for both children and adults.

Last-minute availability is also key, with 58% saying they’d travel to a destination for that reason – slightly higher than the global average. Ensure your availability is up to date, and consider setting up last-minute deals to help you attract more guests. 

Room for the whole family 

Over a third (37%) also say they plan to pick their accommodations based on how pet-friendly it is. You can indicate your pet preferences on the Extranet, along with whether you offer extras like pet baskets and bowls. That way your property is visible to customers searching for a pet-friendly stay. 

LATAM infographic


Besides catering to four-legged friends, travelers in this region are also looking for amenities for the whole family, with 52% planning to travel with children and 23% with their extended family. 

In terms of property type, lodges, country houses, and cottages are the second most popular choice after hotels, with 28% of respondents likely to stay in such accommodations. Apartments take third spot, with 25% of those surveyed planning to book one.


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  • We surveyed 9,029 Latin American travelers to uncover their future trip plans 
  • This year, 52% of respondents are planning a beach trip, while 41% are likely either to book a weekend break or visit friends and family 
  • When it comes to choosing a destination, 69% are searching for somewhere that’s enjoyable for both children and adults
  • 37% are looking to book a pet-friendly place to stay, with hotels being the first accommodation choice for 59% of respondents