Traveler segments that are trending this summer

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Summer 2022 is right around the corner for the northern hemisphere, and it’s shaping up to be a busy travel season

Whether reuniting with loved ones or booking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, many travelers are ready to hit the road again and are actively making plans to travel during the upcoming summer months. 

To help you make the most of this important time, we’ve identified four high-value traveler segments that are rapidly growing and represent a high percentage of the demand on our platform. By understanding and catering to the needs of these travelers, you can better attract them to your property. 

“Once you have your foundation set up—pricing, content, availability—you can decide which high-demand segments you want to target based on your business goals,” says Matina Keramida, Group Product Marketing Manager at “Our range of solutions can help you tailor your listing to better match the needs of different traveler types that are searching on our platform.” 

1. Families

From parents vacationing with their kids to extended family reunions, we’re seeing 31% of summer searches coming from families. Recent survey results tell us that this year, 54% of travelers are planning to visit destinations that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This is great news for partners when you consider that families tend to stay longer and therefore spend more during their stays. 

“To attract families you first need to make sure your policies are set up for success,” says Keramida. “Tell us via the Extranet that you accept children at your property. Occupancy configuration also plays a key role. Showing the maximum occupancy for your available rooms ensures that your property appears in search results with relevant options for families.” 

Families with children often have distinct needs and tend to require more information to feel secure when choosing a place to stay. Facility info is especially important to this segment. Be explicit and showcase relevant amenities like kid-friendly activities, child safety, and other practical considerations such as storage, cooking areas, and laundry facilities. Other essential info they look for includes safety, cleanliness, location, and parking. Clearly displaying this info can help you stand out.

2. Group and solo travelers 

Over half (53%) of global travelers plan to travel as a couple this year, 22% plan to travel with a group of friends, and 17% intend to go solo. Tailoring your prices for different group sizes allows you to tap into each of these traveler types during the summer months and beyond. 

In addition to tailored rates, photos play a crucial role in the decision-making process for group travelers. To determine the quality of a room, group travelers judge the size, cleanliness, and configuration of a space from images. How rooms are configured for privacy, as well as the property’s location, are considered essentials when choosing a stay. High-quality photographs showcasing these elements help you engage these travelers while reassuring them that your property can accommodate their group. 

When it comes to solo travelers, a percentage of the segment typically travels for multiple short business trips. “Solo business travelers are more likely to travel mid-week and stay in hotels,” says Keramida. “They also value convenience during their trips, meaning they’re looking for services and amenities including WiFi, work stations, and coffee makers.” 

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3. Long-stay travelers 

In 2021, 25% of all room nights booked on our platform were stays of seven nights or more. Fast forward to this year and we see that stays of 3–7 days make up over half (54%) of searches for the upcoming summer months. 

Gaining momentum during the pandemic, the long-stays trend seems to be here to stay. Extending beyond summer, our research tells us that 25% of global travelers plan to take a longer domestic vacation (5+ nights) in off-peak seasons this year, and 21% plan to take a longer international vacation (5+ nights) during the same period. 

“The rise in long-stay demand offers partners an opportunity to attract new audiences, be it remote workers, families, or business bookers who are extending for leisure,” says Keramida. “Setting up a compelling weekly or monthly rate can help you attract these guests while securing occupancy and revenue for a longer horizon.” 

4. International travelers 

As borders continue to open globally, guests are showing increased confidence in international travel – especially when it comes to planning their summer getaways. In fact, so far 61% of searches for summer are for international travel – up 18% from 2021.

“Unsurprisingly, we saw international demand decrease sharply at the start of the pandemic,” says Keramida. “But with restrictions having largely been lifted around the world, we’re seeing a strong return of non-domestic demand. It’s becoming more likely that partners will start to see the return of international guests. Partners can attract them in a targeted way with Payments by, which offers locally relevant payment options, or with Country Rates.” 

What are international travelers searching for? While beach and nature-based escapes are still popular among global guests, recent research tells us this year will see demand return to urban destinations, with 30% of global travelers planning to visit a city.

“It’s important to note that demand patterns may change due to global and local conditions or market dynamics,” says Keramida. “To help you navigate these shifts, we created the Extranet’s demand dashboard at the start of the pandemic. Based on customer search data over the past 14 days, the dashboard surfaces timely insights that you can use to identify traveler behaviors specific to your region. We’ve received encouraging feedback from partners about this initiative, and as a result we’re motivated to continue this effort and enrich the insights we provide moving forward.”


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