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Travelers share their future trip plans

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Get insights from our 2023 Travel Trends survey about the future trip plans of thousands of travelers, so you can tailor your vacation rental offering to attract additional demand

Vacation plans dominate the thoughts and dreams of many travelers at this time of year. But who will they travel with, what type of trips are they booking, and what activities will they organize when they get there? As part of our Travel Trends 2023 survey*, we asked over 42,000 travelers worldwide about the types of trips they’re planning this year. As vacation rental hosts, there are many valuable insights here to help you have a successful season by catering to their needs.

Family and friends come first

Spending quality time with family and friends seems to be a priority for the majority of travelers. Globally, 55% of respondents said they plan to travel with a partner or spouse, 38% with their immediate family, and 20% plan to travel with a group of friends.

Digging deeper into the data, we see that traveling solo is more common in some markets such as the US and India, where it’s almost on par with family holidays. Travelers from the US are also least likely to be separated from their pets, with 12% saying they plan to take an animal friend with them on their trip.

Planned travel companions

With so many travelers planning to take a family trip, you can make your property stand out by offering family-friendly activities in partnership with local businesses and highlighting restaurants that offer kids meals. And for those bringing an animal companion, advertising your property as pet-friendly could give you an edge.

Tip: Advertising child rates and offering transparent pricing can make your property attractive to those traveling as a family.

Beach trips, short stays, city breaks

When it comes to the type of trip people are looking forward to, beach trips come out on top. Just under half (45%) of travelers are looking forward to a vacation by the ocean, that figure rising to 48% with European respondents, and peaking at 49% with sun-starved travelers from the UK and Germany. 

Other favorite trip types are weekend breaks (39% globally) and city breaks (35%). Many travelers (31%) also plan trips specifically for visiting friends and family. 

Interestingly, 29% of travelers from Asia plan to take a trip to visit a theme park (compared with 18% globally). So if your property is located near a theme park, it’s a good idea to make that clear in your advertising.

With so many travelers looking for a beach vacation, if your properties are located near an ocean, there could be great opportunities for renting out equipment for water sports. Or you could consider teaming up with local businesses to offer activities like scuba diving, boat trips, or sailing excursions. 

Tip: With weekend trips and city breaks, time is precious. Any services you offer to help guests maximize their relaxation time will be very appealing. For example, offering airport transfers to your property may help you stand out.

Types of travel


See. Shop. Eat.

When we asked about what types of activities people are planning for their trips, the majority of travelers simply can’t resist a sightseeing tour, a day out shopping, or a food experience. Globally, 44% of respondents favor sightseeing, 33% shopping, and 32% eating. 

With sightseeing at the top of everyone’s priority list, why not focus on providing a comprehensive guide to local areas of interest and scenic spots? Or consider creating a list of nearby retail markets and shopping malls. And with food experiences also on the menu for most travelers, think about spicing up your welcome pack with local delicacies to make the trip even more memorable for your guests. 

Tip: Team up with businesses offering guided tours, day trips, and excursions to provide a variety of experiences to your guests

*Research was commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who had taken a trip in the last 12 months and planned to take a trip in 2023. The sample comprised 42,513 respondents across 33 markets. Respondents completed an online survey in January or February 2023.

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  • We surveyed 42,513 travelers to discover their future travel plans
  • 45% of respondents globally said they’re likely to visit the beach in 2023
  • 55% of people plan to travel with a partner or spouse, and 38% with their immediate family
  • Weekend trips and city breaks continue to be very popular with travelers
  • The most popular vacation activities are sightseeing tours, shopping days, and food experiences