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Trust and safety tips for vacation rentals

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Whether it’s your first time hosting or you’ve built a global portfolio of properties, security and safety are of the utmost importance. So what can you do to bring more peace of mind to your experience?

Find the right guests

Welcoming guests into your property is a big deal, but before they even arrive there are certain measures you can take to put you at ease. By setting specific criteria that guests must fulfil in order to make a reservation, you are in control of the process. In addition to having all guests provide valid email addresses and credit cards, you can request the provision of a verified phone number or a physical address. We also carry out additional steps including background checks and fraud scores, to ensure you are protected with every booking.

Build a relationship with your guests

One of the best ways to avoid any issues further down the line is to establish a trusting relationship with your guests from the outset. Setting a great first impression by updating your property page with a host profile can help your prospective guests understand your values and what makes your property so special. It’s also a nice opportunity to share details on your surroundings and make the very first steps on the guest journey feel more personal. Guests can contact you before they book - answering any questions they might have about the property or their booking. This also provides a good outlet for connecting and building confidence on both sides ahead of the stay.

Set up your house rules

The majority of guests treat their surroundings with respect, and the same goes for your property and belongings. But to make sure everyone is on the same page, you can set house rules to provide a clear indication of your expectations and boundaries. House rules can include things like guidelines on pets, smoking and parties, along with any set ‘quiet hours’ to avoid disturbing neighbours. We’ll share these with every guest, making sure that they read and agree to them before booking, avoiding any debate in the event of a mishap further down the line.

Managing guest misconduct

Sometimes, no matter how well you plan, things can go wrong - and in these instances, you need a calm approach and, importantly, the reassurance that help is available. We offer 24-hour support in 43 languages over on Partner Help, so that in the event that something can’t be resolved on-site you will always be able to find the right advice. In rare cases of serious misconduct, you can also report a guest and prevent them from making future bookings with you.


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  • To add a host profile, go to Your profile under the Property tab in the extranet
  • To add guest requirements, select Policies under the Property tab in the extranet
  • To report guest misconduct, click on the relevant guest name under the Reservations tab in the extranet