How to prepare your holiday rental for guests: The kitchen

Vacation rentals: Top tips to get your kitchen guest-ready

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Guests come from all over the world to your front door. One way to guarantee they feel welcome is by preparing your kitchen to cater to everyone’s tastes

Exactly how important is your kitchen to rental guests? Based on our 2023 Travel Trends research, 32% of global travelers plan to have a food experience on their leisure trips this year. So, let’s appeal to all these foodies and make your kitchen a hotspot for guest satisfaction.

Set the vibe so it’s just right

Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to kitchen appliances is an art. You want to create a space which makes cooking effortless, while keeping clutter to a minimum. Keep the worktops free for food prep with just a few essential appliances like a toaster, a kettle, and a coffee maker.

Don’t underestimate your guest's eagerness to cook up a storm. They’ll need all the basic kitchen equipment like pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Bear in mind your kitchen is catering to all cultures and cuisines, so consider all the options and keep a well-stocked spice rack.

Get everything ready to refresh weary travelers when they arrive. Fill a pitcher with water and a twist of cucumber peel and present it with a few glasses. You could pair this with some fresh fruit or a selection of sweet treats. Not only will this create a cozy atmosphere, but it’s also easy to pull off and will help achieve that all-important positive first impression. 

Behind the scenes, your kitchen drawers and cabinets should be neatly arranged too. Make sure you’ve got every home comfort your guests might expect (and maybe a few they didn’t). From tea and coffee to ice trays, oven mitts, and bottle openers. After all, nobody wants to be jumping in the car to buy a can opener. Everything should be right at their fingertips and, of course, it must all be spotlessly clean.

Take a “little and often” approach to updates

The kitchen is a space where you can expect to see some general wear and tear. Accidents happen and plates and glasses will occasionally need to be replaced. 

As part of your check-out routine, it’s worth looking for chips in tableware and glassware. In these instances, they should be replaced as soon as possible. In fact, why not keep an extra set of glasses and plates as spares, so they’re always ready in case you need them?

Remember, good housekeeping in the kitchen extends to all the little extras you provide. Don’t forget sponges, towels, dishwasher tablets, and dish soap. Keep the salt and pepper grinders full and refill seasoning jars.

Check all food is well within expiration dates. If something is expiring soon, why not use it up yourself to avoid extra waste?  

Go further to enhance guests’ experience

A few thoughtful extras in the kitchen will win over your guests pretty quickly. To prevent your guests from overpacking, it’s worth providing a full breakdown of the equipment you offer. Self-service facilities is one of the top reasons travelers choose vacation rentals, so if your space is too small for a full stove or oven, consider investing in smaller portable options.

There’s no better start to a vacation than finding a thoughtfully packed basket on arrival. Add fresh local ingredients to yours to help guests kick off their culinary experience. Local suppliers will be happy to help, and your guests will be impressed by the lengths you’ve gone.

If you’re a pet-friendly rental, why not delight your four-legged visitors too? Pet bowls and a basket of healthy treats will always set tails wagging.

Everyone is more mindful about recycling these days, and it’s just as important to people when they take a break. 45% of travelers recycle when traveling. By providing clearly labeled bins and a simple note letting guests know which day trash is collected, that figure could go even higher.

Finally, never miss an opportunity to gain a bit of customer feedback to see if your kitchen is really up to scratch. And remember to keep an eye on recent reviews to tweak your kitchen to perfection.

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  • Our recent research shows there are a lot of foodies out there – with a “food experience” being a planned activity for 32% of global leisure travelers 
  • Cater to the tastes of your well-traveled guests. Keep them satisfied with a fully stocked kitchen inviting them to enjoy, indulge, and experiment
  • It's important to find a balance between cluttering your kitchen with every possible tool and the convenience of providing all the must-have appliances
  • Your guests will always rate authenticity. Wave the flag for your local community and surprise your guests with locally produced delicacies