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What are the realities of designing customer experiences?

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We bring you exclusive access to insights on designing customer experiences shared during Click. 2019,’s annual partner conference

One of the biggest buzzwords in the travel industry and beyond, experiences influence every step of the customer journey – from the initial discovery of your brand to the stay itself. So, how can you design a positive experience that results in loyal and repeat guests?

At Click. 2019, Neil Sands, Founder and CEO of Fox Design, revealed all the steps needed to design a “killer” experience for customers.


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  • To build memorable experiences you must first know and understand your competitors – beyond other brands. For example, Netflix cites sleep as its main competitor
  • Before engaging in any real interaction or building a relationship with your customers, you must first build trust. The way to build trust is through transparency
  • Once trust is built, addiction loops can be designed to “hook” your customers and keep them coming back for more. Neil explained this can be done by creating a customer journey that comprises a trigger, action, variable reward and investment
  • Limiting consumer choices can have a powerful psychological effect. From the outside, it may look like they have a choice but really they are just choosing from lanes you have pre-defined