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Reading is something we all associate with travel and holidays, whether it’s passing time on the plane or getting stuck into a good book on the beach. It’s not, however, often considered as a hotel amenity, but invest in a good book collection and you could see guest satisfaction jump significantly according to Philip Blackwell, publishing expert and Founder of Ultimate Library
Ashford Castle - Oak Hall

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Whether it’s a National Historic Landmark hotel, a converted castle or a self-catering home located near a UNESCO-protected site, such proximity to heritage brings unique challenges and opportunities to hosts
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Jonathan MacDonald, best-selling author, speaker and advisor to the likes of Google, IKEA and Microsoft, discusses how to use perpetual change in the hospitality industry as a mechanism to generate success
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Giovanna Grossi, hospitality industry expert and former head of the AA’s inspection team, shares her thoughts on typical oversights made in hotel service and operations
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Dr. Andriew Lim, Professor of Technopreneurship and Innovation at Hotelschool The Hague, discusses the foreseeable opportunities for blockchain in the hospitality industry

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In our first episode, our audio articles explore pet friendly travel and how savvy hoteliers and other properties are capitalising on this. We also look at handling no shows, head to Brazil to examine its efforts to overcome tourism challenges, and talk to Madrid's newest hotel group.

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