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Click. 2021

Click., our annual global partner summit, took place March 16–18, 2021. It’s where leaders shared what you, our partners, need to know as we head into one of the most critical years in our industry’s history. Our aim is to help you feel inspired, informed, and ready to make the most of 2021 and all its new horizons.


2020 was unprecedented. Uncertain. Challenging. 2021 is about opportunity. 


Day 1: The road to rebuilding together

What does tomorrow hold for travel?'s most senior leaders—including CEO, Glenn Fogel; SVP Commercial Operations, James Waters; and CMO, Arjan Dijk—share their vision for 2021 and beyond. Expect indispensable insights on the future of our industry, our company, and our partnership. Don’t miss:

  • What the last year can teach us about the future
  • Indicators for the inevitable return to travel 
  • Our future, together
  • The right foundations to return stronger

Here’s what you can explore:

Missed out on attending Click. 2021? Don’t worry. Here on the Partner Hub, we’ll be sharing event highlights that set out our vision for 2021, insights from some of the most forward-thinking minds in the travel industry, plus guidance for you on how to make the most of the year ahead.

From payments to pricing, sustainability to marketing, and much, much more – explore all of our great content to find out how we’ll be helping equip your business for recovery and beyond.

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what to expect

Day 1: The road to rebuilding together

Discover key initiatives to help stimulate and capture demand in the coming year.



Discover how 2021 will continue to see payments evolutions

Speakers: Daniel Marovitz, Vice President Global Payments

Our investments in payment solutions offer you more secure revenue, more security, and more help with regulatory requirements – with even less effort from you. Discover our long-term vision for payments while seeing what’s just around the corner.

Learn more about payments



Discover why competing on requires you to think about price

Speakers: Lodewijk Van Wersch, Senior Director of Product; Hielke van Trommel, Director Product Marketing

Pricing matters. With 62% of travelers indicating they’ll be more price-conscious in 2021, knowing how to stand out is critical. Discover how strategic pricing can help you optimize occupancy and boost performance.

Check out the Pricing Toolkit



Speakers: Karolina Tutaj, Director Market Research & Insights; Veronica Ravaglia, Qualitative Research & Insights Specialist; Eline Metske, Junior Market Research & Insights Specialist

Step into the future as we reveal what tomorrow’s traveler is looking for. Discover the data that takes us from early recovery to getting travelers back out, doing what they do best… experiencing our big, wide, wonderful world.

Understand traveler needs



Discover how sustainability will evolve on our platform in 2021

Speakers: Marianne Gybels, Director Global Sustainability; Bea de Andres, Head of Sustainability – Core Business; Eline Metske, Junior Market Research & Insights Specialist; with Nico Evers, General Manager, Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

We’re on a journey to create a more sustainable travel industry – and we’d like you to join us. Learn about our efforts to tackle the impact of tourism and the initiatives designed to create a more sustainable industry, along with first-hand learnings from one of our partners.

Join our sustainable journey

Day 2: Building momentum for a new era

Global thought leaders take us behind the scenes of key areas across the business and share insights on some of the critical components of the partner experience.



Daily Studio Show

Building momentum for a new era

Speakers include: Ripsy Bandourian, VP Global Accommodations Partner Services, Carmen Hui, Commercial Director, Owner Partnerships; Mark van der Linden, Senior Director Partnerships; Eddy Veldhuizen, Director Connectivity Partnerships; Maya Shankar, Global Director Behavioral Science, Google CMO Arjan Dijk is joined by a special guest to discuss the science of decision making before a panel of our most senior leaders, to unpack the relationship we have with our partners and the many ways we invest in adding value to that partnership.



Elevate masterclass: Genius extended, more powerful than ever

Speakers: Andrea Carini, Vice President of Product; Hein van Thiel, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Interviewer: Carmen Hui, Commercial Director, Owner Partnerships

In the eight years since it was introduced, Genius has evolved into a highly valuable program for partners, driving higher conversion and incremental business growth. We'll be delving into upcoming changes to Genius that will offer you even more ways to reach valuable bookers.

Explore Genius



Elevate masterclass: Building towards a more insightful review system

Speakers: Rahul Chidgopkar, Senior Product Manager; Pranay Das, Product Marketing Manager
Interviewer: Serdar Akin, Senior Director Product

After pricing and location, reviews are the most important decision-making factor when today’s global traveler books accommodations. Learn how we’ve adapted our guest review system to meet the needs of bookers and partners over the past year and will continue to do so, fueled by your feedback.

Learn more



Elevate masterclass: Protecting your business against online threats

Speakers: Ben Carrall, Director Global Security, Safety and Resilience; Valentina Bonsi, Director Cybersecurity
Interviewer: Amir Naveh, Program Manager – Security

The two biggest cybersecurity threats are phishing and social engineering, which have taken on new importance during the pandemic as cybercriminals adapt their schemes for this moment. Explore the security and tech solutions that keep your business safe and secure.

Protect your business



Elevate MasterClass: How marketeers market

Speakers: Justin Rao, Senior Director Meta & Messaging; John Lynch, Director Measurement & Strategy
Interviewer: Amon Versteeg, Director of Marketing

Join us as we talk about all things marketing: Customer funnels, how digital marketing is evolving from traditional marketing, and what we’re doing to optimize our marketing practices so partners can more easily reach the best bookers.

Discover more



Elevate masterclass: Global content creation

Speakers: Chris Dell, Senior Director Content Agency; David Cuen, Director Content Communities; Lisa White; Global Manager Strategic Content

What is content, exactly? In the broadest sense, it’s every letter, word, and image that bookers and partners experience through our platform. Take a peek inside our extensive content creation machine and learn how the new Traveler Communities Ambassadors Program is leveraging authentic storytelling to help everyone experience the world.

Optimize your content

Day 3: The future is now

Watch regionally-tailored content to help you build your tactical action plans and move your business forward better than ever before.


Daily Studio Show

The future is now

Speakers include: Rob Ransom, VP Corporate Strategy & Development; Steve Hafner, CEO, Kayak; Brett Keller, CEO, Priceline; Amon Versteeg, Director Business Marketing; Martinique Lewis, President, Black Travel Alliance

Leaders from Kayak and Priceline join US MD Todd Dunlap to explore our roadmap for US growth. We also share advice on navigating recovery, our regional leaders’ plans to capture demand, and the mission that lies at the heart of our business.



Let's Go! NORAM.

Speakers: Ben Bates, Director Commercial Excellence, Americas; Claire Rousselot, Hotels Area Manager; Julie Jackson, Regional Marketing Manager

Technology investments and changing customer behaviors are top of mind for our regional leaders in North America. We’ll unpack how those trends will influence recovery, and dig into the solutions that will guide partners on that road.

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Let's Go! LATAM.

Speakers: Carolina Piber, Regional Director Partner Services

As a destination typically characterized by inbound travel, the last year has seen huge shifts in travel behaviors across LATAM, with flexible and domestic travel opportunities growing in importance. Hear from regional leadership as they break down growth strategies and solutions.

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Let's Go! APAC.

Speakers: Nuno Guerreiro, Regional Director Partner Services APAC; Anthony Lu, Director of Partner Services & Business Operations

With early recovery already a reality across much of APAC, our regional leaders will share their three big tips on how to capture growing demand alongside rich insights on trends such as mobile and app use.

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Here are some of the speakers you’ll hear from throughout Click. 2021: 

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It’s always helpful to share perspectives and ideas with fellow partners. Swap your Click. 2021 learnings with your Partner Community. 

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