Minphy Liao

Create Urgency and Excitement to Guests with a Flash Deal

Occupancy and revenue are looking strong until the end of summer but you’re noticing that bookings are slowing down for future dates as kids head back to school and the season starts to change. Sounds familiar? Similarly to you, my partners know this happens every year, so we prepare and push to fill occupancy in advance. 

How do we do that? 

There are a couple opportunities such as the Genius Program, Early Booker Rate Plan, and Flash Deal to set yourself up for future dates. But based on current market trends, let’s focus on Flash Deals.

Why Flash Deals?

  • Search demand is high and guests are still planning their trips for future dates
    • Especially road trips & domestic travel
  • Promotes heavily through various marketing channels: social media, email, and banners across our platform
  • Creates urgency with a limited-time, 36 hours booking window
    • Guest perspective: Book and save now before it's too late
  • Flexibility to limit the exact stay dates you’re looking to fill in advance
  • Doesn’t stack with any other promotion, including Genius

How to set up

  • Promotions tab on the extranet > Choose new promotion > “Add a promotion” next to Flash Deal

Let us know if you tested it out and how it worked for your property!

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