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How to take advantage of Booking.yeah campaign demand generation

Hi everyone!

We’ve been hard at work on our first big campaign of 2022 to drive new demand for partners.

Are you planning to capture pent-up demand with Booking.yeah?

We just kicked off this year’s first big marketing campaign during one of the most watched sporting events in the world. If you haven’t already seen the Booking.yeah big game commercial, we hope you’ll find it both fun and funny. But more importantly, we hope you see it as an opportunity to capture new business. 

Read all about the details of this tightly integrated campaign on the Click. blog, and start building your own game plan for capturing this incoming demand. 

What’s your 2022 strategy? 

We want to know how this campaign fits into your 2022 marketing plans. Some immediate strategies come to mind: setting Country Rates if you’re located outside the US, using US State Rates if you’re located inside the US, and focusing on mobile no matter where you’re located. 

What about you and your property? 

  • Can changing any of your strategies or tactics help you take advantage of this campaign’s demand generation? 
  • What’s your current marketing strategy for 2022 as travel begins to open up? Are you planning anything different? 

Share your tips and ideas with the Community.