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How you can see market level data on Extranet

Hi everyone!

Did you know that Extranet has a section where you can see market level demand data? To view this data, log into the Extranet. On the Homepage, click on the Data tab (located next to the Operations tab).

This data* can show you how your potential guests are searching for accommodations in your market. For example, it can give you insights on which countries your guests come from, what kind of groups (families, couples, etc.) they consist of, which devices they use to search, and more. These insights will help you stay up to date with what potential guests in your market are looking for on our platform while planning their trips, so that you can optimize promotions, policies and content to capture their interest. 

Feel free to share your tips with your fellow partners on how you use the market level data to maximize opportunities. 

Kind greetings!

*We’re providing this data to the majority of our partners, but it isn’t available to everyone. In particular, you might not be able to access it if you’re in an area without enough properties or recent searches to make the information accurate.