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Insights towards more sustainable travel from the European Commission tourism report

Dear Community,

You are all from different parts of the world, but it may be interesting to read through a recent report, ‘Transition pathway to tourism’, from the European Union Commission on ways to make a positive economic, environmental and social impact on our destinations and local communities.

Most of us have an instinctual love of visiting destinations and local communities that are beautiful in their own ways and which attract travelers from across the world every day. However, tourism can affect their habitats if we do not work together to minimize the effects of travel today.

Some of the strategies from this report are:

  • Finding innovative ways to highlight authentic cultural experiences
  • Using digital ways to explain how to reduce the harmful effects of tourism
  • Reducing food waste in hospitality
  • Constructing more resilient tourism infrastructures

The report shows that 82% of Europeans want to minimize the negative effects of travel by reducing waste and water usage, travelling off-season, visiting little-known destinations, using greener transportation options, and consuming local products. These travelers are also willing to pay more for local nature and culture.

The European Commission emphasizes the necessity of spreading the word to travelers for tourism by using digital channels, and helping each other by sharing advice.

So what tips on providing sustainable accommodation would you give to a fellow partner that is just starting out in the industry?