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Payments by and bank transfer payout

Good day everyone!

According to feedback here in the Community, many of our partners want to learn more about how a bank transfer payout works with Payments by

If your property is eligible and active on this payment service, we can facilitate guest payments for you. However, this option isn’t available in all regions and a charge is applied for its usage. 

Payments can be made to you either by virtual credit card or via bank transfer — depending on the method selected for your property.

First, check whether your property is eligible for payments by bank transfer. To do so, log in to the Extranet, click ‘Finance’, then ‘Getting paid’ and scroll down to the FAQs at the bottom. Please note: the timing of receiving your bank transfer payment can be either weekly or monthly and depends on the schedule you’re set up for.

To opt out of Payments by, send our support team a message via your Extranet inbox by selecting the topics ‘Receiving my payouts’ and ‘How do I join or leave Payments by’.

Do you currently use Payments by What do you think of this payment option? Do you have any questions about this service?

Famree Resort Hunza 1 year ago

Hello Partner,

I hope you'll are doing.

I'm from Pakistan and I started the business with booking. com this year.

I face a lot of issues regarding payouts from guests. First I have no option to add bank details to receive payments.

I first stick to policy payment at the property but I faced a lot of cancellations and no-shows, that's why I put conditions to pay 50% at the time of reservation and guests paid 50% in advance and a few of them paid 100% through credit card.

Now I have no option to take that payment which my customer paid through credit card because I have no option to add bank details.

I did some research and find a solution that is VCC, but the customer credit card isn't shown to me so how can I charge?

I'm attaching screenshots and I hope I will any solution.




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