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Traveller Review Awards 2022!

Dear Community,

The Traveller Review Awards 2022, our annual appreciation programme that recognises our partners for their exceptional hospitality, as demonstrated with the review scores of travellers, is launching on 25 January 2022. We are all incredibly excited. We would like to take this moment to appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Some of you have won and some of you have a great chance of winning next year. 

Regardless of your case, you have all worked so hard throughout the year. Despite the challenges of the past year and your own struggles, you have stepped up and put your heart and soul into providing great guest experiences in uncertain times. 

A heartfelt congratulations to all of you.

Now it is time to share with each other: What have been your achievements and learnings from the last year? For example, what are some of the things you have done which gave your guests a positive experience? What is your biggest learning when it comes to guest experiences - one thing you will keep doing or will not do moving forward? What does winning this award mean to you? We are looking forward to your inspiring stories!


Didem and the Community team

Important links:

Link to the Traveller Review Awards site and to download your award

Link to the Partner Help article - Traveller Review Awards 2022: FAQs and all you need to know 


Winners will be notified via email between 25-27 January 2022.

The content you share under this post may be featured in a Click. Magazine article.

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Daniela+Vincen… 2 years ago

Thanks for the award, however, I do not think the system is very good as on 5 properties we have the same score of last ear and the ear before...

Hopefully now that travel is back and you can employ more people again this will improve, as the scoring system has always been a weak point for you.

As per what we've learnt... people buy from people, that want to feel a connection, a relationship from the moment the decide  to book an apartment, so this is what we focused on: relationships and community

Kern Riverfron… 1 year ago

The Traveler Review Award 2022, based solely on the guest reviews is a true testament of the standards we set and extend to our guests.  This award is acknowledgmemnt that we succeeded in keeping our guests happy.  We are honored to have received such praise from all our guests and

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Congratulations with your award and keeping your guests happy, dear Kern Riverfront Lodge. That is so nice to hear!

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