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Dear Community,

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Positive New Year!

The focus in 2021 has been on well-being. Last year was challenging and has taught us to show more empathy, kindness and compassion to ourselves and those around us. As we think of our goals for the New Year, let us remember those learnings and that we can take small simple steps to get to where we aim to be.

Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator, says that people are more likely to follow through on New Year resolutions if they break their goals into manageable micro-goals. She adds that it is okay to make mistakes and fail along the way, it happens to all of us, and as we keep on learning and trying, we will achieve – we need to believe in ourselves. She gives good tips on ‘‘Goal Setting: 5 Science Backed Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Goals’’ and shares ‘‘The 50 Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas’’ to choose from.

My team’s goal in 2022 is to find ways to bring value to this community, to all of you, to help each other learn, share and connect, and set you up for success.

Feel free to share any of your goals for the New Year if you would like. We always like hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Didem and the Community team