Why is it important to have 16 months of availability loaded?

Want to know how far out our consumers can book on Booking.com.

Our guests are able to book up to 16 months in advance! Guests will start the dreaming process of going on holiday and searching in advance, so the more availability you have loaded will allow you to show up in their searches. 

Whether you're looking for last minute or advanced bookings, having at least 16 months of rates and inventory loaded will allow you to be visible to the ideal consumer.

Depending on your setup there are a few different ways you can load rates and inventory for your listing.

  • Connectivity Provider - If you have a connectivity provider you can sign up via the extranet for your provider to either map over rates and inventory, or availability and pull reservation details into your system. By utilizing this capability it will allow you to make sure you are visible well in advance when our guests are searching. How to guide to make sure your extranet and channel manager are synced.
  • Manually - On the extranet via the Rates and Availability tab you can click on the calendar. By doing so this will take you to the section where you can load rates and number of available rooms for your property on each day.
  • Copy Yearly Rates - You can also copy your yearly rates that were previously loaded, which makes it easy to set you up for the following year. For this option, we have some easy to use tools to make copying your rates even easier. You'll be able to select from...
    • Use current rates
    • Increase rates by a fixed sum
    • Increase rates by a percentage
    • Decrease rates by a percentage
    • Decrease rates by a fixed sum
  • Calendar Sync - Some have the capability to import and export your calendar to the booking.com extranet. This feature will allow you to import and export when you have at least 20 room types or less, and a maximum of 1 unit per room type. How to guide on syncing your calendar with Booking.com.
  • Pulse App - You can also update your availability for individual or multiple dates using our Pulse app on iOS and Android devices. A Step By Step Guide for Pulse App on how to update rates and availability.


Best Practice: With the manual process you are able to bulk upload for a short or long period so you do not have to do it day by day, and you can even choose weekend or weekday options as well. I usually will recommend this to my partners to cut down on the time it can take to manually upload rates. This will give you time back!


If you run into any challenge in loading or updating rates and inventory you can call any of our dedicated team members who will be able to help you through the process. You can also send a request via the inbox for someone to contact you on how to make these changes.

Here is a Step By Step Guide and visual on how to update your rates and availability on Booking.com.


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