How Genius Program can actually be a nice À la Carte menu served to you at any time.

Imagine Genius program as a restaurant, where anyone can find what they like, and has the guarantee that it will be good with no effort. The final (but-not-only) goal is to fill your empty stomach, just like Genius Program and its add-ons will fill out your rooms, according to your needs !


→ One Menu, three different meals of your choice:

Once you are part of the Genius program, you automatically attract guests with a 10% reduction on your best sold room on Booking.com. 

There are also different guest pools, that you can unlock (and yes also stop) anytime:

  • Genius 10 % Level 1: the mandatory plate

This level targets guests that have an account created on Booking.com.

  • Genius 15% Level 2: the side dish that completes your meal

Now that you ate a little bit (being in the Genius Program), you have the choice to fulfill your hunger even more: the Level 2 pool gathers guests who have at least 5 reservations on Booking.com platform, they do travel quite often!

  • Genius 20% Level 3: the guests caviar (or dessert, if you have a sweet tooth)

Why? Not required, but always enjoyed! Genius Level 3 guests enjoy our platform so much, they have a minimum of 15 stayed reservations.

  • Dynamic Pricing: the personalized seasoning

This will allow a personalised reduction offered to the guest, according to the data we collected: historical and future data are taken into account to detect the Genius discount for each stay date (next 180 days). You choose the range of the amount of the promotion, and we do the rest ! For example, one guest can have an 8% discount, while others could get a more important one, like 18% let’s say.


→ The Add-ons, or La creme de la creme

Those are there to create even greater value to the Levels 2 and 3 Genius guests:

  • Free breakfast can be offered
  • Free room upgrade as well.

By offering those incentives, you will become an even more appealing property to the guests eyes, because they will feel very special at your place...why deprive yourself of it, right ?