Unable to pay my invoice

On the externet website the option to pay invoice for me is not coming up as it used to so now I’m way overdue on payment. And I can’t even reach customer service anymore because of this dumb automated system keeps asking me for confirmation number. Idk where that is anyway.. long story short I NEED HELP Proof

Minphy Liao

HI Alleen, thanks for bringing this to our attention. You'll be able to find the "pay invoices online" button under the "invoices" section under the "Finance" tab. It should be right above the "Reservation Statements." Hope this helps!

Alleen Alleen

Thank you for responding so quickly, but I am aware of the location of the tab but it’s not there as seen in my screenshot. This is what I’m currently seeing whenever I try to make payments. I don’t want to be blocked for overdue payments you know.




Hi there 

The client did not reach out to our property, they have decided to go somewhere else. So please reinstate Hlakula Lake Resort

Alleen Alleen

Or at least give me some help to fine this code that I need to get to customer care when I call.

Minphy Liao

Hi Alleen, I believe you may be under the wrong page. I attached a screenshot of where you'll be able to find the button under the Invoices section down below. 

Invoices section under the Finance tab

Minphy Liao

If you're still not able to see it, below I share a screenshot of how you'll be able to contact our Finance team to assist with payment details. You'll be able to find this under the Inbox tab.Contact Finance

Julia C

Alleen Alleen, try to login to booking.com extranet from a browser on your PC, or if you are using only your phone, try your phone browser in "Desktop mode" in order to see the interface like in the screenshot of Minphy Liao. I wish you good luck!




Right I see whats happened here....


You went to the Guest Customer Service , it is literally only for Guests not Partners. Only Guest CS will ask for a PIN, I see this mistake on here all the time.


We have Partner Support team .


Visual : Contact BdC Partner Support as a Registered Partner - Private Number Versus Public main lines

  • First get on a computer browser not phone browser. (Tiny Screens lead to Big problems)
  • Logon to admin.booking.com
  • Finance Menu
    • Now Finance Overview page


Pulse App is not a replacement for the full fat Extranet on a desktop browser, it never will be. 3 simple words to memorise : admin, booking, dotcom



This provides a bank account in 2 formats including IBAN to leverage to pay the Invoice.

or you can use the link to sign up for Direct Debit, even more convenient.


How To Pay Invoices using an International Money Transfer service