"Vaccinated Guests Only" Policy

Unless I am missing something (and I hope I am!), the Health and Safety Measures on booking.com allow us to communicate a variety of Covid safety measures, but not a "Vaccinated Guests Only" policy.

The point of this posting is not to debate the merits of a "Vaccinated Guests Only" policy. Long story short, our very remote location combined with new, strict local government regulations leave us with no other option. End of discussion. This is simply the reality many of us are living in.

To minimize confusion and conflict, guests NEED to know, and deserve to know, each property's full list of Covid policies in advance of reserving on Booking.com. 

However, after reaching out to booking.com through every available channel for almost a week about how to communicate our policy, I have only been getting endless run around :(

The only advice I have received from booking.com after endless hours is to reach out to guests to inform them about our vaccine requirements AFTER the reservation request is already made through Booking.com. This procedure only sets us all up for angry customers and unhappy outcomes. 

Haley Eder

Hi Casa de Amistad Guesthouse,


Our recommendation would be to put this in the fine print information that the guest can view when booking.


On the view your descriptions page, in the bottom right corner, you can click the "Share your Feedback" button and request to add a "Vaccinated Guests Only" tickbox in the Health and Safety Measures. This submission will go straight to our developers to consider.  


After Booking, you can reiterate this fact in the welcome template to the guest. 


Please view additional articles here on how to take these steps.





Casa de Amista…

Hi Haley,

One more day gone.

Please advise on an alternative method for rectifying this situation since I already tried your method for updating our property "fine print" to no avail. (see my other reply in this string)

Your colleagues by phone tell me they "will talk to a supervisor and call me back" then never call back.

Your colleagues I message on the extranet only reply with template instructions for informing our guests of the policy with automatic emails AFTER they book. This does not solve the issue.

Appreciate your partnership.

Haley Eder

Hello Casa de Amistad, 

It can take up to 6 days for our Content team to review and translate before it’s live on the site.

Thank you for your patience as they review your request to put this information the fine print.



Casa de Amista…

The request was submitted 7 days ago. Through the same process you subsequently recommended.

And I received a reply 5 days ago stating that the changes to our fine print were 'complete.' 

But the change was not made to our fine print. No clause for "Vaccinated Guests Only" has been added.

And replying to the message incorrectly notifying me that my request was 'complete' goes nowhere. I just get the same, empty, unhelpful, template replies.

I will go bang my head against a different tree now. Thanks.

Casa de Amista…

Hi Haley.

I would love to add it to our fine print and I already tried to add the policy through the exact process you suggest above. I added a note suggesting "Vaccinated Guests Only" and provided language. I even got a message back saying that my request was completed, but...lo and behold, nothing had changed in our fine print. 

I've tried to follow up several times through different channels but have only been told over and over that I can tell guests about our policy AFTER they book through message templates. The point of this post was to ask how to make guests aware of this very important policy BEFORE they book so they can make an informed decision. I am well aware that I can reach out to guests after they book, of course. This is endlessly frustrating.  

Thank you for your help.