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why are my properties being reviewed for quality?

I have two properties listed on, *** and *** which have received a very high ratings and very high reviews from almost all of my guests. I have always done my best to give an excellent service to my guests at the lowest rates possible. Therefore I cannot understand why both my properties are being reviewed for quality and being blocked for 10 days. Moreover, my payouts are being withheld however I still have to honour bookings which have already been received. Does this mean that I am not going to be paid for the services that I have already and that I am still giving to my guests? Please help as I am really concerned about this. The emails received today entitled "Location verification required" do not actually specify what I must do in order to verify the location. Looking forward to hearing from you please.

Bernd Riegg

Hello Caroline,

I have the same problem, my property is closed almost 30 days and absolutely no reaction from Booking and I was calling and writing them by e-Mail and still no answer. None of my e-Mail was answered if not automatically.  I have no idea whats happening and no solution and no support about it. Unfortunately there is no 0800 for partners like me, that they really help you. I m disappointed.

Greetings, Ben

Caroline Sammut

Dear Bernd,

It is me Caroline who wrote the post above. I couldn't find a number or a chat window on this site but i managed to find an email address so i sent them an email asking for the support of my area manager and I immediately received a telephone call. The person on the phone was very helpful and told me that this is like a random selection and that I was going to be contacted in the near future. In fact, the next day I received another phone call asking me for a video call appointment. We have the appointment this coming Monday, so hopefully this issue should be solved soon as my house is extremely beautiful as can be evidenced from the kind of reviews we've received, and the service I offer to my guests always exceeds their expectations! So it is unfair to stop me from operating. My property has already been checked by the Tourism Authority and I got the licence to operate. I think that you must endeavour to send an email like I did and ask for urgent support. Christmas season is round the corner and you don't deserve to lose business at this time.

Wishing you lots of good luck!


Bernd Riegg

Dear Caroline,

thank you for your fast reply! I m happy that you could go further in that case :-) Could you tell me the E-Mail you found or a link where to get to that support? I would appreciate a lot, thank you

Take care & greetings,