Biased, Unfair and Flawed Review System

As can be seen, there are very many dissatisfied establishments regarding the topic of Guest Review.

For all of the below, there is always an answer to cover the guest and not the establishment and only favours Booking.Com, falls on deaf ears as nothing gets done about it. It would be good to hear what establishments think of the current system and do something about it.

1) Nothing is in the favour of the establishment, only the guest. A guest marked as a no-show was still able to leave a review, however, did not stay with us. Now this needs to be "investigated" to ensure the guest was a no-show, when all evidence has been provided. This review has caused a drop in our overall rating and the review will stay live for the next 72 hours! - until sure that the guest was a no-show.

2) The system of allowing guests to leave a rating, but not having to leave a review (guest rates property without comment, establishment cannot respond) is flawed. A guest, should they wish to rate a property, should have to explain reasons for the rating given and the establishment should be given the equal opportunity to respond, otherwise the guest should not be allowed to leave a review.

3) The previous way of an average taken of all category ratings gives a much truer reflection of a guest's stay. The current system is almost forcing the guest to provide something negative. An example is location: our property is in prime location, but a guest may leave a not so perfect rating for location, as it may have been compared to a beach front location, however, the guest did not book a beach front location property. Maybe diversify the options of location into categories (beach, mountain, CBD, etc) and then a fair review based on these criteria.