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Guest cancel a reservation (non refundable)

Good morning 

I would like to bring this issue that maybe some of you had experienced as well:

A guest booked a reservation for the last 2 weeks of December! Busy season. He didn’t pay for the reservation. He asked for an extra few days for me to charge his credit card. I did waited a few days to be nice. Then he said his parents changed their plans and didn’t need the place anymore. I told him that his reservation was not refundable and that Booking was charging me the commission plus I lost my chance to rent the place to couple of people who had asked me about the Christmas time availability.  How can I make this person pay ? I don’t have his zip code to charge his card and didn’t provide his address.. why ? I will be ok with just the fact that he Can’t any longer use booking because he is very irresponsible! And booking is not really helpful when it comes to these things. I had another situation like this one too and it’s always on the guests side more than the host .. “We the one puts on risk the property every time someone comes and makes all the things that are not allowed” regardless of how many times I say it, put it on the message, rules and regulations… 

I tried to called him and He even blocked me !

The worst is 

How can this happen and booking can’t be as a support ?