Price display - Hidden Fees

Booking.com hides fees in price quotes for our listings and the guests who book misguidedly are mad at hosts and leave bad reviews. Fees need to be displayed prominently with the price. Or don’t allow review from misguided guests?!

See guest comments:
Everything is lovely and fine. I booked your lovely place for under 2000 denars. …It was a surprise to me that the there is a cleaning fee on top of the advertised price.it is false advertising and I don’t know how booking.com advertises one price and then there is a hidden cost.

Will this company ever correct this problem?

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Toniya - Commu… 1 year ago

Dear Sirma's Studio - Artsy Home in the Center of Skopje,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Fees like cleaning fee are not included in the room rates and guests have to pay them additionally. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to guest misunderstanding as guests do not read the property information carefully. However, we always display this information on each property page and you can see it in the Facilities section. Depending on whether the property owner wants to specify the exact amount of the charge, it can be displayed in the Fine print section as well.

When it comes to negative and unfair guest reviews, I advise you to reply to the guests in a positive way, and appeal to new guests. The feature helps you provide balance, giving you the opportunity to express your viewpoint. Your reply will be shown on your page, right below the review. For more information, you can have a look at this article

I hope this information is sufficient for you.

Best regards,


Sirma's Studio… 1 year ago

I didn’t ask for a reply from you. Already know what you will say. I posted it for the community feedback.

What is this for anyway - you taking our feedback to improve or just to keep repeating your cliches? 

Due to your shortcomings we suffer bad reviews and our ratings go down. Either solve the problem or delete those ratings.





Agnieszka Knust 6 months ago

"However, we always display this information on each property page and you can see it in the Facilities section."


We charge for electricity as per metered usage. Not only that on can not properly enter the rate in the approriate "Other Policies" section, the worst is that guests do NOT see the info about this additional charge, neither under Facilities, nor anywhere else. I just checked our own offer without logging in / cookies deleted, and I did not see it...where is it? Additional charges must be visible at once and not somewhere hidden in the small print, if at all.


I also brought the subject up via a message to booking.com Messenging Team multiple times - not even an answer after few months...


What is going on here, where is the problem?

Wesley Dale Harden 1 year ago

This is a valid concern.

We just had a similar review.

The additional fees & charges section needs to be made more clear in the aspect for host selecting options. The wording gives off the wrong intention if you have a $10 Service Fee for a parking pass for example the option you are given is to say "Is this already part of the room/apartment rate?" Well no its not! BUT then when a guest tries to book it has the total nightly rate as big bold numbers with all the other information in much smaller non bold font.


The average person looking at this is going to see their TOTAL AS ONLY $315

This is misleading, without a doubt. Make this more clear of their ACTUAL TOTAL

I don't want to risk saying yes to "Is this already part of the room/apartment rate?" because then that makes it sound like I would only get the Nightly Rate but it's broken down.
Can anyone confirm if selecting YES to this actually adds it to the nightly rate in the customer display?

Daria Jadric 6 months ago

Recently, I had to refund a guest for a cleaning fee because she insisted that she had already paid it as part of the total accommodation price. A Booking client adviser also confirmed that the cleaning fee was included in the total price. But my policies still declare that the cleaning fee is to be paid extra in cash. So I'm really confused, don't know how to go about this anymore. 

Suzanne McQuaid 4 months ago

I’m just getting started on booking.com and so far I’m completely unimpressed by their setup. There’s the booking app, the pulse app and the extranet. WHY. I’ve been fiddling with my prices for 2 days not trying to just SEE WHAT I GET, and it’s impossible. I know how much I need to receive per day to cover the cleaning fee, but can’t seem to ever make it make sense. This site is HORRIBLE. 

Wesley Dale Harden 4 months ago

What area are you in? If it's Florida I would think twice.