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Dear Madam & Sir,

Hi! so sorry to disturb you about that.. We just wonder how come our hotel scores form 9.3 to get 9.1... normaly when you check it 2022 this  year is mostly 10 point 10  we should get 9.4 this year.... Unfortunately our scores is go down this very important for us. We are  really very sad about that...How does sistem work...? Could you please explain to us... thank you kind regards...

Efeler Hotel Manager 

Fevzi Bozkurt

Efeler Hotel - 1460222

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @Efeler Hotel ,


I hope you're well. Thank you for sharing in the Community! And congratulations with your property's excellent guest review scores!


I'd like to add here this article which explains how guest review scores work. Below you can also read some of the key points. 


Does this help a bit? Feel free to let me know please if I can help further from my side!


How is each review score generated?


Since late 2019, the overall score for each review is no longer the average of the ratings the guest gave for each of the specific categories. Instead, guests now give their own score for their overall experience at your property.


This is because you can’t directly control all of the specific categories – for example, your location. It’s also because other aspects, such as breakfast and noise levels, can be just as important to a guest’s stay but aren’t covered by these categories.


This new system has completely replaced the old system, and it applies to properties and guests all over the world. If you received scores under the old system, they’ll remain part of your overall score until they expire.


What can guests rate when they submit a review?


Guests select an overall score from 1 to 10 to rate their experience at your property. This is the only question guests are required to answer before they can submit their review. The average of these overall scores becomes your Guest Review Score, which we display once you’ve received your first review. 


We also ask your guests to rate your property in these six specific areas:


  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Value for money    
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Staff


All of these ratings are optional, and they don’t count towards your Guest Review Score.


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Nicola Roberts 1 year ago

so i asked a guest why they rated our place 7 as we normally get 10's and they said because they didn't like the property they came to view and couldn't find another property! they where going on THEIR holiday not on our place! this has been the case for any low score we have received! maybe your wording needs to be changed?????