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We wish you the happiest new year!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your conversations in the Partner Community during 2023 — for sharing here, inspiring each other and making our Community stronger!

I hope you will be able to enjoy well-deserved time with your loved ones during the upcoming period. 

Myself and the rest of our team are excited about what the new year will bring! What are you most excited about 2024? 

Jacky Thomson 2 months ago

I am excited that in 2024 I might get a response from staff that makes sense and addresses my complaint!

I am set up on Damage Programme. A guest burnt my furniture (she also trashed the property, stole items and refused to check out). I made a damage claim and submitted evidence. declined my claim, reason given: 'only light cleaning'. 'Support' Team refuse to provide a reason and refuse to review my damage payment request. They state this has been passed to a specialized team who will get back to me - but they don't.

Why do an organisation like not have competent customer service and support for hosts that have had their property trashed by vandals, booked in as 'guests'? How can they advertise a Damage Programme but not meet trading standards?


Yeh, excited to see how will exploit and misuse their hosts through 2024!

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Didem - Commun… 2 months ago


Dear @Jacky Thomson,


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. It's very valuable as it helps us improve.


I hope that your experience will be much more improved in the new year!

Chris Jarrett 1 month ago

Hi Didem, I'm in the process of setting up my venue but find it extremely difficult to find any contact details (email or phone) to resolve some issues before I go live. Can you PLEASE point me in the right direction?  Google says to make contact through the inbox on the extranet but at this stage i don't have an inbox. Thanks, Chris