What are the best ways to avoid fraud (primarily, no shows, refusing to pay)?

I get many cancellations from booking.com.   I also get an abnormally high number of reservations from booking.com, holding their reservations, and never arriving.... "no shows."

Then, when I try to charge for the first night cancellation penalty, the credit card is invalid.

I continue to try to get payment from the guest, and in the meantime, booking.com charges me for the cancellation penalty which I haven't collected. 

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Julie - Commun… 2 years ago

Hi William - thanks for posting in our partner Community.  We have a help article available here which outlines how to ensure you do not experience invalid credit cards at the expense of your business operations. Additionally, we have some information in this article explaining how partners like you can report "no shows" in our extranet so you are not charged commission for these instances. I hope this helps! Have a nice weekend ahead.