How to use filters page on Pulse app

Does anyone know whether the filter page on the Pulse app is filtering in information so that I receive it,  or filtering it out so I don't receive it? The reason I ask is because I have not been receiving notification of new bookings. Do you know whether the new bookings filter needs to be checked, or unchecked in order to be alerted to new bookings? 

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Julie Jackson 5 months ago

Hi Azaima - great question! Once you are logged in the Pulse app, select the three dot MORE button on the bottom right, then select Settings, then select Notifications. This is where you can select which topics you would like notifications. Once you select New bookings, you should begin receiving notifications. It is also important to ensure your device is accepting notifications for this app. This is usually under Settings, then select the Pulse app, and select Notifications (allow notifications will allow the push notifications for new bookings).  Please let us know if this solves your issue! 

Azaima Anderson 5 months ago

Thanks so much! So the filters page allows me to select what I do want. Thanks for clarifying,