Booking.com and Aribnb Calendars

Hello Booking.com Community, I am very new to booking.com and I have a previous Aibnb listing that is very active. I tried to sync the calendars however I find that I have to mannually close the dates in booking.com when the airbnb booking has been booked. Is there a way that booking.com can automatically close the dates once the Airbnb is booked? Thank you 

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Ismar Salcedo Osorio 1 year ago

Hello good afternoon Ana Maria, I had the same problem in the past, the solution is simple, first you must go to the calendar of your airbnb ad and look for the option export calendar, copy the link and then go to the extranet of booking in calendar to synchronize calendar and paste the airbnb calendar, put the name of the platform and that's it, then in booking choose the export calendar option, copy the link and go to airbnb to the calendar part but this time choose the import calendar option, copy the generated link of the booking calendar on airbnb and you accept, a window should appear with the synchronization and the connected status, that way you will always have the calendars fully automated, I hope you can understand it, if you need me to explain it better, let me know, regards