Booking.com does not record on its site recent booking of a poor guest who trashed our house checked out and locked door from inside. Remote. We are not seeing listing.

A guest booked on Booking.com for 1 guest.  We approved.  When we looked on the camera, there were 5 people and a dog in the backyard.  There was a baby in a pamper, two toddlers and an about 6 year old.  We messaged her, she said it was a problem with booking.com.  Then, she said a man was bringing by supplies.  Then we saw him leave early in the morning and maintained that scheduled for 9 days.  There were a total of 6 people in our property that we had not anticipated during the new year until 1/6th.  Issues:

1.  The guest trashed the house.  All the games damaged including the electronic one.

2.  The house was very dirty as per the cleaning lady with all the towels, beds, airbed, crib, etc used.

3.  The dog defacated everywhere even though we told her that she needed to walk the dog.

4.  Garbage tremendous that the containers could barely be moved.

5.  Front and backyard a mess from dog poop.


Major Problem:

1.  We cannot find the listing on booking.com and they cannot find it either.  We found it on Pulse.  Booking.com said they cannot do anything because the listing is not there.  Could the guest who trashed our place and locked us out have removed the listing?

2.  How do you reach a person to talk to.  We sent pics and the Pulse listing showing a real person.  Booking.com does not seem to care.  

3.  How can we be reimbursed for property damage, especially having to call a locksmith, having to hire someone to be present and all the extra cleaning?


I can be reached at i_emcgee@msn.com   I am new to Booking.com  We need guidance and there is no one to do so.

Thank you,