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Confirmation for property location still not been confirmed ? What is the issue?

Scenario 1 : I Clicked on CONFIRM LOCATION button and then it open a new page saying A LETTER WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR PROPERTY WITHIN THE NEXT 14 DAYS (screenshot mentioned below). But i never received any letter for location verification. I followed the same steps for 3/4 times but never received any response. So my concern is.

Q  1. Why my i am not receiving any letter code yet ?

Q 2.  Under CONFIRM PROPERTY LOCATION  you will see REQUIRED TO STAY OPEN. How long do i have to stay open the below shown page for location ? Is there any specific hours for verification ?

Q 3. As you can see on below mentioned screenshot, it says REQUIRED TO STAY OPEN. What if owner have to traveled with his laptop and he could not stay open the below shown page then in such scenario how verification is done ? Please advise ? My understanding is I have to stay open the page of CONFIRM PROPERTY LOCATION until and unless i won't received any response from which means i have to leave my laptop/mobile on the same property location and have to keep on waiting until someone from end won't response ? Please correct me.

confirm property location

wait for 14 days


Kathleen Hancock 11 months ago

Did anyone ever get back to you?  I am having same issues.  Thanks

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Ujjwal Rana 11 months ago

Nope. Once I received email saying they will revert back after 24-48 hours but no one responded yet. It’s been a 4/5 months now , I still haven’t received any response from end.

Saroha Ortega 11 months ago

same here. There is no way I can list my property or call a support number.