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Everything You Need To Know About Service Charges


What are service charges? Service charges allow partners to set up charges applicable to a room at the time of booking. For example, if it is mandatory for a customer to arrive at the property via shuttle, you can add a shuttle fee to the property. This then enables clear and transparent pricing towards customers, thus decreasing discussions on additional charges.

If your property requires setting up of service charges and you don’t know where to start, then keep reading for more information!

What type of service charges are available?

There are 30 different types of additional charges you can add to your property. Some examples include ski passes, shuttle fee, internet fee and housekeeping fees. To see a full list of available charges, in your extranet account go to ‘Property’, then select ‘VAT/tax/charges’. Under ‘Property Charges’, select the drop down menu to view the full list.

How many service charges can I add to my listing?

Properties can add a maximum of five extra service charges.

When are the charges added?

Once a property adds an additional charge to their listing, this is then automatically added to the customer’s booking.

Service charges are visible on the availability price breakdown under the VAT breakdown and then added to the payment summary when the customer makes a booking. 

How do I add a service charge?

Read more here to learn about how you can add additional charges to your listing on the extranet.

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