How do I cancel a reservation?

Our policy is that reservations must be paid in full at the time of booking.  Somehow somoene was able to make a reservation without even giving a cc. I reached out to the guest, the refuse to pay it in advance.  Need to cancel but the only option is to send a request to the guest to cancel.  I'm sorry but no lol.  My husband called booking.com about this about a week ago and they confirmed that we have the right to cancel it if they don't pay within 24 hrs of that call.  So how do we freaking do that??  TIA

Coco Hotel 1 year ago

I totally agree with your situation. As far as I can tell and have asked, there is no way. 

Booking.com has the greatest track record of not responding to our questions or helping improve the system. We cannot cancel a resrvation. We cannot collect cancellation and No Show fees. We cannot be reebursed for booking mistakes or invoice mistakes. Keep a cloes eye on your invoices.