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This is a space for all accommodation partners of to interact. I am very eager to e-meet you all, and greetings from Amsterdam!

Didem, Community Manager

Gale Boucher 1 year ago

I am new to The set up for a new listing is very confusing to me. Is there any one I can talk to and they could walk me through it? Trying to list a week in the Lawrence Welk Resort.

Gale from California

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Dear @Gale Boucher,


Welcome to the US Partner Community! Happy to have you here and thanks for sharing!  


I totally understand setting up a new listing can be confusing. This post might be useful to start with. 


If you still feel you need help, would you like to try and send a message from your Extranet inbox to our support team and ask for guidance?


If I can assist you with more information here, please do say so, too! I hope all is well in California. 

Lord Peter S Rickaby 1 year ago

Good day Didem

I am based in New Zealand, and i am having trouble listing my property, i have doing everything but cannot get it to recognise i have posted 3 photographs. I have got to the end of all secions on the listing requirements, but the photos section is stopping me from getting my listing completed.

It keeps saying

         " To complete your registration please add 1 photo of your property"

In the box below this message it says

   "Great, thanks! You can now continue signing up. To increase your chances of getting more bookings, make sure to add additional photos later on — once you're up and running."

These two messages contradict each other, worse i cannot get hold of a telephone number for technical support by speaking with a human at so what happens when you cannot get the listing listed????? I hope you can help me