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New partner series: 5 best practices for cancellations and no-shows

Hi everyone,

If you’re wondering how to best prevent and handle cancellations, these best practices can help you.

     1. Find replacement guests through Smart flex reservations programme

If you opted in for the Smart Flex reservations programme, we’ll search for replacement guests for you when you receive a cancellation. It’s important for you to remove your restrictions such as minimum length of stay so that we have a higher possibility of finding a new guest.

     2. Review your policies and rates

You might want to use a more strict policy such as offering non-refundable rates during periods you see a higher number of cancellations. You can also consider decreasing your rates or using deals and promotions to find last-minute guests.

     3. Diversify your rate plans

By setting different rate plans you can appeal to diverse traveler needs as you’ll be offering more choices to them. This can help you minimize cancellations. 

     4. Make your rooms or units available immediately after cancellations

Making your canceled room or unit available again immediately can help you resell it faster. You can do this by turning on auto-replenishment.

     5. Be responsive with on-the-go messaging app Pulse

It’s highly recommended to download the Pulse app and answer questions from guests who booked your property as fast as possible. This way there is a higher chance that they’ll stay with you because communicating with guests before their stay reduces the likelihood of them canceling their reservations.

By focusing on these strategies, I’m confident that your property won’t have to endure cancellations and no-shows as much!

Do you have any other tips?

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