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New partner series: making your property page stunning

Hi everyone, 

I’m happy to welcome all our new partners in the Community!

As a community manager, I read a lot of your questions and suggestions here. There is no doubt that increasing revenue is an essential goal for you. To increase your revenue, you will want to receive more bookings. One of the things you can do to receive more bookings is to improve your property page. 

I’d like to share these tips with you which I believe will make a difference for your business. 

👉 One way to make your property page stunning is to use photos that match what your ideal guests might want. For example, if your target guest profile is families, it will make sense to add photos of families or facilities families will be interested in such as cribs or high chairs. 

👉 An increased property page score can help you get more bookings, so make sure to add more content — at least five photos of your property to your property gallery. For example, you can include photos of each room, your facilities and amenities. It will be important to give an idea on how the interior and exterior of your property look like.

👉 While adding photos, not respecting image and editorial guidelines will lead to a delay in showing photos of your property on the frontend of our platform. We created these requirements for you to follow so that we ensure together everything goes smoothly. 

Besides photos, there are other types of content you can add to your property page to improve your listing such as room information, property facilities, property description and information to personalize your profile. 

But for now, you can start uploading your photos in the Extranet or Pulse app with this how-to guide.

Happy photographing!

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Daniel Offerman 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips. However we wish you admins would reply to mre posts.

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Didem - Commun… 2 months ago


Dear @Taylor Burger,


Thank you so much for your comment here! I also wish we could reply to everyone. Our team is a small dedicated team and we're looking for ways to give answers to top questions from our partners in a scalable way. 


The Partner Community is more about partner-to-partner support rather than customer support (we do have a separate support team from 


But again, I totally understand you and appreciate your input!

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Hotel Shree Na… 2 months ago

Our property has been suspended and we have made the payment but it is still not responding.


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