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New partner series: what to do during your guests’ stay

Hi everyone, 

As a follow up to the topic of offering your guests great experiences, I’d like to share some best practices on what to do during your guests’ stay. 

Like in our first post in this series, we can think of this topic with an easy framework.

1. Let them know how they can contact you

Show that you’re available for questions during your guests’ stay by making sure that they know how to contact you. We recommend using the Pulse app to remain easily connected with your guests.

2. Be thoughtful and inclusive

Show respect and kindness to the cultural differences of your guests. Whenever in doubt, it’s helpful to ask what they need and prefer rather than assuming.

3. Provide a guidebook of your property

If you can’t give a tour personally or share face to face, creating instructions on how facilities and other essential things work in your property will be helpful for your guests.

4. Recommend local tips and attractions

Prepare a few tips on where to eat and what to do in the surroundings. Most guests appreciate receiving such local suggestions.

5. Confirm check-out procedures

Send a gentle reminder on things to do and importantly, when to do them, for a smooth check-out. 

6. Delight guests with small acts of kindness

Even if it’s a small chocolate or offering to taste a local product, such gestures will make your property unforgettable and leave a lasting memory in your guests’ minds.

7. Respect their privacy

Follow privacy laws and regulations regarding security devices on your property, and give your guests the space and privacy they need.  

A final tip from us is to optimize for what guests review at your property. Since guests will review your property on various aspects such as cleanliness, comfort, value for money, facilities, staff and more, it makes sense to consider what would give them an even better experience in each of these categories.

By using this framework, you’ll delight your guests while they are at your property. 

Do you have any tips to add?

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