The pin on the map not working and I can't get in touch with anyone to help

Can anyone help us to get in touch with someone at booking.com who can help us register our property?


We have tried several times over the last couple of months.


We have tried contacting booking.com in several different ways but all the links don't work, all the instructions lead to dead ends, and the only email address we could find told us that they can't help us and that we should email booking.com for more help!


Our issue is simple.  When asked, we drag the map and put the pin on our house, where we would like to offer a homestay.  We then click to continue.  Booking.com then tells us that it looks like there is an issue with our pin and it prevents us from going any further.


We don't think that there is anything that we can do about this on our own.  We think that we need to get someone at booking.com to manually verify our location for us and override the system to allow us to put our pin on our house ... which, in fairness, is in a remote farming community with not much to speak of.

Miyadh Mutahar 1 month ago

Hi Darren, I am having the same issue with trying to list my remote cottage. Have you found a solution?