How do i go about evicting a guest that has been staying with me for approx 3 weeks causing issues with staff and guests

We accepted a booking approx 3 weeks ago for a guest who required a place to stay while her home was completing renovations to move in.  ?The guest checked in with 3 cats of which we normally wouldn't take more than 2 as we are a pet-friendly accommodation. However, now it is apparent this lady has some major mental health issues that are severely affecting the operation and now is becoming a nuisance to other guests.  She has also found it necessary to start cleaning my kitchen at 3 am making noise and disposing of our property based on her decision of what is being tossed or not.  Recently I discovered she was using our good white towels and facecloths to clean up after her cats of which she would conceal the towels and linens and throw them I'm the garbage.  But because so many strange things were disappearing I decided to start inventorying my garbage before it got thrown out and literally, I have pulled over $300 in items out of the garbage;. She has gone through our place at 4 am and then disconnects all of our Alexa devices and piles them in a corner of the house and claimed it wasn't her when she was the only guest there.  One night woke up to her cooking a $30 tray of boneless chicken thighs I had pulled to defrost to make a curry however when I asked her what the hell she was doing she told me that my partner had authorized her to use the chicken which was a lie, she made the whole tray to feed her cats.  She also went around the house the other night removing all the wall art from the upstairs and had hidden it all in a corner with other items and when asked she had no idea what it was doing there. Anyways this woman is crazy. Does anybody have any idea what my legal options are? Can I just ask her to leave and request police backup if she "puts up a fight" so to speak