Being charged double commission

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I have many forward bookings that I was responsible for getting payment from my guests. In August 2023 I decided to start getting Booking.Com to do this for me via there credit card system who then paid me out the following month. My issue is that the commission is 'YES' getting deducted from my payout for the guests who have paid to Booking.Com   but i am also receiving an Invoice for all guests staying including the guests already having commission deducted so therefore being asked to pay commission  on those guests twice. When I disputed the invoice commission for the 2 guests in November that already came out from my payout i was told theat was rejected and i am expected to pay the full invoice - hence double payment. I obviously dispute this and are now worried that if i don't pay the full invoice Booking.Com will take my listing off the website. Please come back to me regarding this issue which could take many many months of problems as i have lots of bookings still that i have to get the money from.