Commission Payment Issue

Dear Partner,

Good evening to you and hope all is well with you

Please kindly note I have 3 commission invoices pending for year 2022 and due to not arrange the payment you have closed the property. I just tried couple of time to discuss regarding this but no one help me to resolve this issue. We had very difficult time in year 2022 in Sri Lanka. 

Fuel Issue, Gas, Electricity 

At this time some of guests had been booked the hotel but I couldn't check any reservations due to above circumstances however any of these guest didn't show up and you have sent me commission invoice as well. I have tried to contact booking.com regarding this issue but no one help me. We had no show situation for all these guests but I couldn't mark it as no show reservation as I couldn't maintain any of these things due to the situation of the country at that time.

Please kindly contact all those guest and check with them whether they checked in to the property or not as I can't run the business on this situation. 

Appreciate your support on this issue