I keep getting messages from Booking.com asking me to clear my payments. I have done all the outstanding payments  but cannot find the right person to send an email hence writing here kindly forward to the concerned department 

Team please update your records and clear my outstandings for my properties 2740791  and  2567079

Paid on 31/7/2022  Rs 1658 NEFT-BARBQ22212778578

Paid on 14/11/22     Rs 2054 NEFT-BARBQ22318545099

Paid on 14/11/22   Rs 7410 NEFT-BARBQ22318545022

Paid on 5/12/22  Inv1582202193    2370/-   NEFT-BARBT22339853330

Paid on 1575735623     1914/-  NEFT-BARBT22339853360

Paid 1582183726    8550/-   NEFT-BARBT22339853376

will appreciate if this can be sorted thanks