Payment of Invoices



I wonder if anyone can offer any advice as, as usual, we are getting nowhere with B.com customer services or their finance team.


For some reason, while they were updating their systems, they stopped taking payment of our invoices by Direct Debit which they had always done before. This has led to a number of unpaid invoices on our account.


We have begged their finance team to take payments for all invoices by Direct Debit as the money is there, ready to be taken. For some reason that we truly don't understand, they have point blank refused to do this and continue to send demands for payment.


We have tried to pay the invoices using the bank details provided on the Extranet but both of our banks say that the details cannot be found and no such account exists.


We are completely stuck! We are very keen to clear our overdue invoices but are finding it extremely difficult to persuade B.com to take payment. As, for some unknown reason, they refuse to take payment by Direct Debit as they have always done in the past and the bank details they provide don't relate to any account that either of our banks know of so we really don't know what to do. We've never found it so difficult to persuade a business to take money.


The only options we can see that we're left with are to either pay by cheque or make payment over the phone, please could you let us know if either of these options are available?


twice, they have sent us messages saying they have taken payment and all invoices have been cleared but then, two days later, on both occasions, they sent another demand for payment and threatening to suspend our listing.


PLEASE could you help us as we have spent the past couple of months sending messages to them through the Extranet only to be completely ignored (the usual) or sent a completely useless template reply which is of no help whatsoever.


Thank you in advance.