The Payment Issue with Booking.com

I have used booking.com services for almost a year and than due to inflation and economic crisis and I stopped paying last two invoices as I could not pay. Recently I saw that an imposter with my hotel name and pictures and live on booking.com as their guest arrived and said they already paid and had a booking. I decided to reopen my property and this way customers will have a direct interaction. 

I went to invoices page and the last two invoices were written off. I messaged booking.com and asked them if there is any way for me to pay those invoices! They told me the obvious and that I had to pay my invoices. I replied back and told them that I am welling to pay them back but I don't see any pay option which I used to see infront of my invoices and paid via bank card. They again replied back that once payment is done we will reopen your property. Once again I asked them if it is possible for me to pay them online and after two weeks not a word from them even though I have asked them twice since their last message.

I live in a small city and quite frankly i'm glad that this happend with me because via wordpress and some paid plugin i made my own bookable website and optimizing it for Search Engines. Once this is done I can pay google adsense what I was paying to booking.com as commission. 

As I live in a small city with limited number of hotels I can get away from booking.com with my own website but in large cities booking.com pay way too much to google to make their prices on the top of the list. Frankly I don't mind paying someone commission for their services but their customer support is the worst.