Payment problems, anyone has the same?

After receiving 2 payments after the big maintenance period there seems to be a problem again. All info about the maintanance dissappeared, but know i see this in my extranet payout page. 


"We apologise for the inconvenience, but there seems to be a problem with your payout. We're working hard to resolve the issue quickly."


What is going on now again? Somebody who has the same?

Ignacia Irene 8 months ago

Hi Roy, I didn't get the same message like yours but I just noticed that amount I received on bank account-amount on payout PDF file-the one on system are different.. 
Also I got notification about my invoice that I have to pay, I thought it will be automatically deducted from the payout

Neil Moore 8 months ago

HI, We are owed over £6000 by booking.com and I have not heard a jot, I found a number and spoke to a nice lady I think Chinese accent who said I will be paid in two days, that was Monday this week, today is Friday. I wonder if Booking.com are in financial trouble and that is why they are holding on to our money. Have you seen the BBC article? 

Roy Balvert 8 months ago

Hi Neil, no i have not seen the BBC article? Can you give me the link? I know have info that i have to update my bank account details... Very strange because it always went without problems before the maintenance on this account number. 

Roy Balvert 8 months ago

Something new occured, now my payouts are just blocked, god may know why....

Neil Moore 8 months ago

Could be the companies penalty for going public, haven’t checked mine but who knows, I’m concerned owners are being badly treated ? 

THill 7 months ago

I have had the same problems. They take too long to payout already. AND it’s impossible to understand their invoices at a quick glance… Not to mention their whole system is glitchy and non intuitive (at least in my experience, this has always been the case). 

The quality of guests I have had from them has actually gotten much better in the past two years. But Booking, is by far my least favourite platform as a host. 

Tom Süptitz 7 months ago

Hi , 

I am facing the same issues with booking since 12 weeks. 
No payouts. 
I just started to get in touch with customers directly and cancelling original bookings via the booking platform and going directly. 
It works. So try it and give a kick in the ass to booking. 
They are so stupid as they do not realise this for sure. 
Seems those massive financial problems are to avoid calling for bankruptcy ..anyway that nightmare as to be stopped. 


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Didem - Commun… 6 months ago


Dear @Tom Süptitz and everyone in this thread,


I’m very sorry for your troubles regarding payments, and I hope that you will receive your payouts really soon, and if you need support you can contact our partner service team who will be here to help.


At the same time, I’d like to draw attention to you that cancelling or modifying original bookings via the Booking.com platform to arrange direct bookings with guests or lower commission is against our general terms and conditions, and can lead to termination of your accounts with Booking.com.


I hope this helps.

Tom Süptitz 6 months ago

Good day , 

I am not sure if your message can be taken serious. 
To apologise for delayed payouts is not enough. For more than 12 weeks payments have been delayed. Any excuses were more than ridiculous. 
You should think about if Booking is willing to offer any indemnification for the bad service instead of trying to give us lessons how we manage our properties. 
Anyway I am thinking to leave the platform and have less headaches in future. 
Best regards 

Tom Süptitz 

Veronica 7 months ago

I need a phone number to get help with my account, do you know any number that I can call? Thank you

Rabi Baloch 6 months ago

same issue here - I got one payment and then none. Can you believe how complex their system is? Unbelievable! I am based in the USA and I cannot find a number to contact. The system just takes you from link to link with no resolution in sight. Any help would be appreciated. 

Pedro Cortez d… 6 months ago

Global scandal: Booking.com is not paying to properties (bank transfer method), they are keeping our money.

This is a global scandal that Booking.com can no longer hide: they are withholding 100% of the money from our reservations (payments by bank transfer), they have not paid the owners for several months and they continue to issue commission invoices. At this moment, this is already a question of survival for thousands of properties that are already facing very serious scenarios of potential business insolvency. Each of us needs to create strategies to survive this gross Booking.com default scenario. Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to suggest solutions.


What could be one of the most tragic corporate collapses after 2008 is already happening. Booking.com has been in default for more than 3 months with small accommodations that receive their payments by bank transfer.


There are already thousands of cases that will represent many millions of debt and thousands of legal proceedings.


In some countries, Governments are already intervening to give a voice to small accommodations that could disappear in a few WEEKS due to Booking.com's gross failure to comply.


I leave here the situation:


Booking.com owes hosts in Scotland thousands in room payments


Minister om fadæse med booking-gigant: - Brutalt!


'TOTAL NIGHTMARE' Booking.com owes us thousands of pounds in room payments – but they keep taking bookings


Domestic Hosts Waiting for Payments after Booking.com Disruption


Booking retrasa pagos a afiliados por mantenimiento del sistema


Booking atrasa pagamento de estadias a pousadas e flats


Empresário perde R$ 260 mil após 2 meses sem repasse da Booking.com


Pousadas da região enfrentam atrasos de pagamento da plataforma Booking


Caos no turismo: Booking atrasa pagamentos a hoteleiros, em meio à crise da 123Milhas


A holiday rental host says Booking.com owes him $63,000 for customer stays, and is still invoicing him commissions for payments he never received


Booking.com signed sponsorship deal with FIFA whilst withholding hotel and host payments


Tom Süptitz 6 months ago

Good day Pedro , 

 Absolutely correct. 
Booking is a nightmare. 
Meanwhile they have send me a message that they will cancel my account immediately. 
Anyway I can recommend Airbnb 

for managing private prolperties. 
Works fantastic with good service.