Property Verification

I have two listings on Booking.com. One I purchased and posted on Booking.com back in 2018. The other I purchased this past year and posted it on Booking.com in October. According to Booking.com my second property "must be verified" and I must accept cash from a guest for an unspecefied period of time and for an unspecefied number of reservations before "Payments by Booking.com" go into effect and they will then collect payment from the Guest at the time the guest makes their reservation. My property is remote and there is no one on site to accept cash from a Guest so I have my listing set to receive credit cards. This effectively rules me out of the ability to EVER get Booking,com to accept payments on my behalf since I am unable to receive cash from a guest. The ONLY way Booking.com will allow me to book on their platform with the second property is to ONLY accept payment the day of arrival with NO guarantee that payment will be made by the guest, even if they no show. I have over $11K in pending reservations and have completed several with no incident since October.  Do you have any feedback on this?